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Our Learning Management System is entirely web-based, giving you all the flexibility and convenience the web has to offer. This means no software to install or setup – you simply access your online LMS through a web browser on any computer with an internet connection, offering you, your employees, members, or the public a hassle-free experience for the training they need.

Spend more time learning the material and less time learning the system

Taking a course (or using the admin area) through an LMS is a lot like navigating your favourite websites - a platform that's familiar. It's also self-paced, so students can learn at a rate most effective for them. We embed multimedia including optional audio tracks that follow the material, video, interactive Flash/HTML5 activities and pretests.

Online training, testing, and certification

Students simply log in and begin learning right away. At any time he/she may leave the course and return to the chapter they left off. At the end of each chapter, a test must be successfully completed to move on. Once the course is completed a certificate is ready to print.

100% competency

Each module has a testing component which requires the participant to get 100% of the test questions correct. If the participant does not get 100%, they are asked to review the material within the module again and then re-challenge the module test (the system generates tests randomly from a test bank). The competency level is up to you. Many of our clients chose a level of 100% to ensure the material is fully understood.

Why use a Learning Management System for your training?
Our LMS enables you to cost-effectively develop your own training program, add value to your current offering and increase revenue. Here are some of the benefits:

Offer convenience and extend your reach.

Because our LMS is Web-based, your courses are available anywhere, anytime - there are no geographic limitations, no traveling involved, classroom scheduling to worry about, and no time away from work.

Train when it is convenient!

True self-paced learning enables participants to learn the material at the rate best for them.Users can leave the course at any time and will be returned where they left off next time he or she logs in.

Save Money

Online training is cost-effective. Since you pay per-participant it is efficient to train a large group or a single new hire.

Instant updates

When changes are made to your program, or compliance requirements are updated, we simply update your Campus and your course is now up-to-date for all users - no reprinting or redistribution of materials and no waste.

Real time tracking

Our online management system will automatically track training results and allow you to view and search the database anytime.


Certificates are ready to print as soon as a user completes the course. Administrators also have the ability to print the certificates.

Issue training accounts
We’ve built in a simple email tool that lets you send an account to anyone just by entering their email address – you can issue a training course to just one person or to an entire department. Of course, you can also print the accounts and give them out in person.

Track results
Anyone that you designate as an Administrator will have access to all training records from their own account. From here you can see each user registered in the Learning Management System, his or her profile, training in progress, detailed test results, and completed courses (and certificates). Our LMS can break down each test question-by-question to help you identify any potential areas where the user may need reinforcement.

Keep the records straight
All of the data is stored in a secure database, from point-of-sale (POS) transactions to certificates. You’ll be able to create reports to suit your needs. For example, a sales report for your WHMIS course for the month of July.

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