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Here at Momentum Group were 100% focused on creating effective Learning Management Systems. We have more than 20 years experience, working together on thousands of e-learning solutions, for various industries and for clients from all around the world.


Partner With Us to Transform Your Learning

We’re a Learning and Performance Support solutions provider with a focus on transforming learning for you – keeping it alive, relevant and impactful!

A lot’s changing in the learning industry. Not only do you need to keep pace with the changing business dynamics, you need to design learning in line with the changing learner expectations and ensure the approach taken fetches the required ROI.

How we can help you

We’ll help you transform your learning with approaches that:

  • Provide “sticky” learning
  • Offer “just-in-time” learning for application on the job
  • Are designed for the millennial generation (One size does not fit all!)
  • Spice up your learning (using Microlearning and Social Learning)
  • Measure and enhance learnability/learning effectiveness
  • Analyse and interpret learner information (reporting and analytics) for continuous improvement
  • Create customised learning portals for specific initiatives in formal training, performance support and Social Learning
  • Evoke a sense of learner contribution and participation (through content curation)

We have this and more so that your Learning initiative provides you with an enhanced learning experience and an improved ROI. Want to know how?

With 20 years of experience

We offer a wide range
of services

With Momentum Group, we tailor e-learning solutions for your organizations unique needs and challenges. Our LMS systems focus on accessibility, security, ease-of use, cost effectiveness, and scalability. With services for every industry you can now train your employees, customers and partners with ease.

Custom elearning

Ensure that your employees are up-to-date with the latest industry training or topics important to your organization.

Mobile Learning

Streamline your compliance training, with online courses to meet government regulations, industry standards, or to obtain and maintain mandatory qualifications and certifications

Compliance Management

Simplify your policy lifecycle, with a policy management system to ensure your organization is aware of the latest policies and procedures. With a document management system included, you will never have to search for a policy again!

Blended elearning

Whether you are looking to market your training courses online or in-house, we have marketing solutions to fit all your needs.

Tools & Technology

Volunteers are the public face of community events, non-profit organizations, and the corporate sponsors that support those events and organizations. Ensure that they are representing your brand in the best light with proper training.

We Take It Seriously

Working towards
your business goals

Our E-Learning technology enables you to cost-effectively develop your own training programs, add value to your current offering and increase revenue.

Premium Services & Support

Expert help is yours 7 days a week. Our Premium Services & Customer Support help you to stay ahead of the curve. Rely on professional e-learning consulting, digital marketing services, e-learning content creation, LMS hosting and much more.

Unlimited Customisability

At Momentum Group we tailor our LMS systems to meet your company's needs. It does everything you want and nothing you don't need. In order to fully align with your brand and convey your company's core message, we customize each LMS with your company name, logo, images, and colours.

We design e-Learning systems that won’t break the bank!

We’re passionate about providing affordable e-Learning systems to businesses around the globe.

Most companies that offer e-Learning systems charge a flat licensing fee based on a predetermined number of users; we believe that this puts the organization wanting to put educational content online at a serious risk as there is no telling what will be the initial participation rate of their members or target audience. Even through the best forecasting efforts, the timing of online training participation is almost impossible to determine, therefore, an organization might purchase a 1000 user license in the first year of the course offering but only 100 people take the course.

Momentum IT Group’s revenue sharing model is based on a “per seat” basis; this alleviates any extra charges for un-used services as opposed to a user license fee, where this type of extra costs most often occurs.

Let’s make things happen!

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