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Push forward with our leading-edge tools combined with razor-sharp strategy, Momentum IT Group has the knowledge and the industry skills to get you where you want to be.


Our specialty is web-based learning management systems for employee, customer and partner training. We offer a diverse catalog of existing online courses and assessment tools in the OH&S industry and others, to complement your existing training model.


We bring together the best in web development, mobile learning and reporting to provide you with a compliance management system that is designed specifically for your business. Learn how you can go from being a risk mitigator to a business enabler.


We provide both marketing strategy and execution. With our fully staffed team of developers, designers, content writers, marketing strategists, and SEO/PPC specialists, we can deliver a full-service strategy to grow your business from all digital angles.


Our E-learning technology enables you to cost-effectively develop your own training program, add value to your current offering and increase revenue. Here are some of the benefits:

Offer convenience and extend your reach. Because our E-learning systems are Web-based, your courses are available anywhere, anytime – there are no geographic limitations, no traveling involved, classroom scheduling to worry about, and no time away from work.

True self-paced learning enables participants to learn the material at the rate best for them. Users can leave the course at any time and will be returned where they left off next time he or she logs in.

Online training is cost-effective. Since you pay per-participant it is efficient to train a large group or a single new hire.

Instant updates. When changes are made to your program, or compliance requirements are updated, we simply update your Campus and your course is now up-to-date for all users – no reprinting or redistribution of materials and no waste.

Our online management system will automatically track training results and allow you to view and search the database anytime.

Certificates are ready to print as soon as a user completes the course. Administrators also have the ability to print the certificates.

Compliance Management

Compliance management is crucial if you work within a heavily regulated industry. Here are a few examples of how our learning management system can help you with your compliance training needs:

Deliver defensible compliance with auditable records and proof of compliance in a single platform, making it easily accessible and audit-ready.

Support your company with timely access to data to help prevent costly occurrences.


Avoid Fines & Penalties by mitigating regulatory non-compliance risks.

By consolidating information and providing comprehensive reports you have complete information to make risk management decisions and reduce your operational risk.

With online compliance training & testing, you ensure that your processes are understood and followed across the business.


Standard Marketing
There are all types of marketing strategies used when marketing a product on the Internet. First and foremost is creating a presence for your new online learning management system on your existing website. Upon request, Momentum will help you leverage your website to announce and promote your new LMS. We’ll supply you with graphics and program descriptions so you can integrate it into existing material and training calendars.


Advanced Marketing Program
As part of our new Advanced Marketing Program, we will work with our clients to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that’s right for your industry. Every offering is unique, and so should be your marketing and advertising. Our marketing team will survey your organization to get a better understanding of your stakeholders’ needs and gain key industry information. We then develop a marketing plan with our ideas and a timeline. The actual hard costs, advanced by Momentum, will be returned on initial sales. Again, this program is completely elective, and you may approve all or part of the proposed program.

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